Combine thermostat graphs on a single graph/page

I have two thermostats (dual zone, single furnace). I would like to see a graph that shows the combined (single furnace) usage. It would combine both both zones (thermostats) in one graph. That way I could see if I was efficiently heating/cooling my house, and get a better idea for setting schedule, sensor usage, and possibly even duct dampers to maximize heating/cooling. As an example, I know that when the upstairs zone is calling for “cool”, the cool falls to the lower level, and the “downstairs” thermostat should be probably be adjusted accordingly. Having a dual graph may help get everything adjusted better by giving me a complete picture of settings and temperatures over time. I want to maximize my two zones (thermostats) against the single furnace they are attached to.

This has been a point of discussion for a while and is not something I have made much progress on. I’ve received a lot of good feedback and do intend on addressing this at some point. I don’t have any timeline on when I might get to this, though.