Cost of your ac or heat

What would be a great feature would be how much is your choices costing. If you change settings what is the cost difference? Best already tells you how long your ac or heat was running. Just add in your cost of electricity or gas. And provide the different times of your cost. Like summer time there is a different cost on high demands for electricity. Just put your cost in and it would calculate how much for that day or month. When you change settings it would help to see if you made a good choice or not.

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Thanks for the idea! The tricky part of this is identifying how much power your equipment actually uses. I have runtime, and could collect electricity cost, but it’s all ultimately worthless unless I know how much power your equipment uses. This varies a lot and can even change depending on things like how dirty your air filter is.

I own a Sense, and the neat thing is that it’s actually able to do all this pretty effectively. The best beestat could do is guess…which has some value I suppose. I think a better route might be showing trends and highlighting when your equipment runs during peak hours so you can try to minimize that.