Delete Old Data?


I’ve just received and installed an ecobee 4 from a family member who is no longer using it. I discovered beestat shortly after, and was surprised that it seemed to retrieve data from the ecobee’s former home. Some digging revealed that ecobee retains the data associated with the device serial number, not the account.

Any way to suppress or delete this older data from beestat?

I’ve emailed ecobee support, requesting they delete the older data, and am awaiting their response. Assuming they do, will the data automatically drop out of beestat, or will it be necessary to purge that historic data somehow, as well?


Beestat will keep it, but if you email from the registered email address with a date range and the serial I can push a few buttons and delete the old data for you.

It is actually very good news that you keep old data:

The ecobee web site says that if you need to change your eMail address, that you have to unregister your device & then reregister it with the new eMail address. I’m guessing that means you lose all your data at, even if you reregister with the same registration number.

However, if you keep data by registration number, that vastly reduces the impact of an eMail address change.

Sure. Assuming it’s staying in the same house/same owner. If either of those changes, the historical data is junk… as is the case in my situation.

Hi. I’ve sent an email with the information - if you can push it through, I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile: