Sensor Data not populating

Really enjoying Beestat and how well it works. One problem I’m having …
The sensor data is not populating in Beestat from my Ecobee. It stays in “fetching” mode, sometimes turning to “no data found”. All other data seems fine. The Ecobee iphone app does show the correct sensor data and the downloaded .csv file from the Ecobee webpage also shows the sensor data.
As background - This is an older Smart Ecobee that uses the hardwired 10k thermistor not the newer wireless remote sensors. I use the sensor data to monitor the water temps in my geothermal system so tracking it over time is useful and Ecobee removed that graphing function in the latest web “upgrade”. I’ve been downloading the Ecobee .csv and graphing it but that’s cumbersome. Easy fix?

Thank you -


Hey Frank. Could you send me your thermostat serial number in a PM or email to I’ve got a couple other reports of this so I’ll take a look.

Thank you. - sent sn via email. Let me know if you need anything else.