Total Runtime in graph

In the Thermostat Summary graph, those of us with 2stage units see separate runtimes for each stage, which is great. But can you add a ‘total runtime’ field right under them so I don’t have to add them together in my head to get the daily runtime?
Even better, give a total AC runtime and total Heat runtime for each day.

Obviously for single stage units, you would suppress this value as it would be the same.

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This would be amazing, I didn’t even realize I was adding them in my head until you said that!

I’m guessing that might fall under Add fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc to Runtime Summary · Issue #142 · beestat/app · GitHub

@msorelle It’s tangentially related to that issue, but a little different as I would just show a new tooltip value for it.

@Nexxus I like the idea! I am desperately bogged down with the Metric update that I haven’t touched in ages. I really need to wrap that up so I can pursue some of these other improvements.