Add Arrows and/or Scrolling to Timeline to View Previous/Next Periods

In the Thermostat/Sensor Detail views, we see a timeline that we pick from the 3-dot menu (e.g. Past 1/3/7 Days, or Custom).

If we want to view a previous period, we have to manually choose date ranges in the “Custom” option; e.g. if my view is Past 7 Days and I want to see last week, I have to go key in the start/end date of the previous week manually in the Custom picker.

It would be nice if we had the option to change the dates in the timeline by one or both of:

  • Scroll left/right to view different days in the timeline.
  • Add arrows we can click to page through previous/next periods.

e.g. if I have the Detail charts set to “Past 3 Days”, it would default to Today, Yesterday, and the day before Yesterday… but if I click the arrows to page-left, it would load 6 days ago/5 days ago/4 days ago, and if I click it again, it would load 9/8/7 days ago, etc.

Another refinement on this could be something like:
<< double arrows do a full page-back e.g. if view is “Past 7 Days” then << would show the previous 7 days before the current view.
< single arrow could move 1-day at a time; e.g. “Past 7 Days” clicking < single arrow would become 8 days ago to yesterday instead of 7 days ago to today.

Scrolling to load would be great, but if this pagination with arrows approach is any easier to develop, it’s also still very usable.