Add auxiliary heat to Temperature Profiles

First of all, thanks for creating this handy tool!

I have a furnace/heat pump combo at my home. The heat pump handles heating when the outside temperature is over 35F, and the furnace covers the colder weather. It looks like the temperature profile graph isn’t including a curve for the furnace (aux heat). Would it be possible to add this curve?


The experimental graphs are currently on hold.

I do plan to add the aux data to this chart!

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I also have a dual fuel furnace. Aux & Aux 2 being my gas below 40 degrees outside, Heat 1 being my Heat Pump above 40 degrees outside.

It also looks as if the profile includes ALL thermostats at the address in the calculation. I have 2 separate units, 1 up/1 down and believe they would have different profiles.

Thanks for the work you are putting into this.

This is correct; the profile and all comparisons currently include all thermostats at the same address. I have been considering breaking this apart…there are some cons to that but I believe the reduced complexity and additional possibilities for metrics will outweigh them.

It may be as simple as placing the 2 devices in separate homes within Ecobee in order to reduce the complexity.

This is coming soon.

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