Add fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc to Runtime Summary

I’ve been experimenting with having the fan run alone without heating or cooling. It would be nice to see the runtime as an option on the thermostat summary

Yes! :slight_smile: I do plan to add this.

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Here’s the list of things that this chart theoretically supports:

✓ avg_outdoor_temperature
✓ max_outdoor_temperature
✓ min_outdoor_temperature
✓ sum_auxiliary_heat_1
✓ sum_auxiliary_heat_2
✓ sum_compressor_cool_1
✓ sum_compressor_cool_2
✓ sum_compressor_heat_1
✓ sum_compressor_heat_2

It’s not that hard to add other things, but it becomes weird conceptually when you start stacking things like humidifier runtime on top of heat runtime because it’s honestly just a different thing. The chart would require a z-axis which is a bit much.

I think the best option would be another chart entirely. But instead of copy/pasting I have some plans for making these charts more extendable. For example, you could customize your dashboard to include two “Thermostat Summary” charts and decide what each one shows. With that framework in place it would be trivial to add these fields to a second chart without having to duplicate a bunch of work.