Add fast thermostat switcher

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Probably buttons up top right, when they fit. Use the thermostat name to come up with two-letter initials and add title text? Also make them bookmarkable by updating URL with serial.


As we have several thermostats in our house, it would very convenient if we could select a thermostat using push buttons in the top bar instead of having to select the left menu, then the Switch Thermostat option, then select the thermostat we want to switch to.

It could look like this…

We could then quickly select the appropriate thermostat with a single click !

Thanks for your excellent work ! :star_struck:

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Thanks for the mockup! I had originally declined this request but might reconsider. On a desktop view as long as you don’t have too many thermostats it’s feasible to put that up in the top bar.

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For those of use with multiple thermostats, switching between them is a frequent action, and currently it is tedious because it requires 3 clicks (open overflow menu, select Switch Thermostat, select thermostat). It would be really nice to reduce the number of clicks.

A compromise solution could be to add a single Switch Thermostat button on the top bar. For example, as shown in the mockup, but only showing current thermostat instead of all. Clicking that button could display the Change Thermostat popup. This would reduce the number of clicks to 2, and would make the feature more accessible. But even this approach may have space issues on mobile, so may need to be limited to desktop view.

Side note: There is currently a naming inconsistency. The menu item is labeled “Switch Thermostat”, but the corresponding popup is titled “Change Thermostat”.

Doing something with this could also address the need to display the selected thermostat on all pages, as requested in this issue: