Add indoor/outdoor dewpoint to Thermostat Detail?

Hi Jon -

Was an early user of beestat, and then switched to using a z-wave thermostat with multiple zigbee temperature sensors that were all controlled with a Node-RED flow. I moved houses recently and am back to using ecobee thermostats and using beestat for my analyses!

Lot of very nice changes in the last few years!!

A really useful metric for my old setup was that I used to calculate indoor/outdoor dewpoint and chart it using Grafana. (I actually made use of that data to selectively turn on cooling or a dehumidifier. Worked pretty well, but it would take too long to replicate that setup in the house I’ve moved to.)

But even visualizing indoor/outdoor dewpoint is a useful metric. Therefore I want to second (or third) a request made by others on the beestat community. Can a calculated indoor/outdoor dewpoint be shown in the Thermostat Detail graph?

Many thanks!