Analyze Summary tab not totalling Heat/Aux numbers consistently

I’ve noticed than the totals on the Analyze tab are not consistent, eg when grouping by month compared to by week (and then adding manually) and by day (and adding manually). I get three different numbers, off by 25% or more.

On a related note, when looking at just one single day on the Analyze tab and comparing the Heat vs Aux runtimes, they are not accurate compared to looking at the Detail tab and adding the individual runs for that day manually.
Eg. Analyze tab says Heat=2h, Aux=1h34m. Adding individual runs from Detail tab for that day, Heat=1h16m, Aux=2h28m.
It looks like there is definitely an issue when a Heat run switches to Aux, the whole thing is counted as Heat in the Analyze tab. But even then the numbers don’t balance out exactly.

The first thing I would start with is to disable the Gap Fill feature on the Thermostat Summary chart. The documentation is a little out of date; you can enable/disable the feature from the main beestat settings page.

Try that and see if things look better.

I believe this solves it, thank you very much !

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