App not responding upon restore

Quite frequently when I switch to the app on both my iPhone and my iPad, it opens with just a gray screen. I have to close the app and restart it in order for the app to load data.

Thanks - Tom


Thanks for the report. Can you share what version of iOS you’re running? Have you tried clearing the app data for beestat or uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Version 17.1.2 on a 7th Gen iPad, and 17.1.1 on iPhone 14 Pro. I see the same behavior on both devices. Have not cleared data or done uninstall/reinstall. I will try that n the iPad.

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I uninstalled, and then reinstalled the app on both devices. I was almost ready to post that the issue was resolved but this morning the issue presented again on both devices.

I realize this is only a minor inconvenience to me. I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining. I love the app, and am only trying to help.


No worries, I appreciate the help debugging. I need to get a virtual device spun up to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Not sure if this was resolved, but I am seeing the same on an Android phone. Samsung S22, Android 14. Uninstalled and reintalled Beestat app and still seeing this issue.

Same issue started in the past week. On 2 iPhone iOS 17.4

This same thing is happening with all four of my mobile devices. Two iPhones running the latest iOS, one iPad running the latest iPad OS, and one Google Pixel phone running the latest version of Android. I keep my devices and software up-to-date, and this issue has occurred through all versions of operating systems since I started using Beestat last year.

I get the same blank screen as the OP, and I have to force close the app and reopen it for it to work correctly.

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I’m doing some testing on this to see if I can reproduce and get it resolved.

It seems that in the last week or so, I have not been seeing this issue on any of my devices. Jon Z - could this be the result of something that you have tweaked or fixed recently?

Nope! I’ve been testing it but have not been able to reproduce except for one time. I was actually going to ask for more info on exactly when it happens.

I will keep monitoring it, and hopefully it continues to function properly. Maybe the others that have posted to this topic will weigh-in and let us know if they are still experiencing the problem.

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I just upgraded some of my error monitoring, so that may help me pinpoint what might be happening as well.

To anyone currently experiencing this issue: If you are able to take a screen recording of this happening it would be amazing. I still have not been able to reliably reproduce this and would like to see more exactly what’s happening.

Screen recording

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I have also been noticing this for some time on Android as well. Basically, the first time you launch via a shortcut it loads fine. If you navigate away and attempt to return to the already open window of the app (I believe this is a PWA?) it will blank out. My “hack” besides close it and reopening, is to hit the back arrow and then go back to the app shortcut or select open window. Still the same amount of effort and tapping. I will say this has made it more cumbersome to check temperatures on my phone, as previously I would just pull down to refresh the open window, but now it’s a 3 or more step process to refresh.

What device model do you have? I’m going to try some emulation to see if I can reproduce it.

Galaxy S23, Android 14

I can’t reproduce this on virtual devices. I was kind of able to reproduce it on my Pixel 5. If I open other apps, then open beestat again, sometimes it exhibits this behavior. It’s seemingly random and also tapping in the app will cause the contents of the page to immediately appear; I don’t have to do a full close or anything.

As of this morning I don’t think I am seeing it happen anymore. If you made any updates, it seemingly works.