App/Website/Account? Spinning Rings

For over a month now, it doesn’t matter whether I log into the website, the app, on any device, my account will not load. It just spins indefinitely. Not sure how to proceed but I’ve lost the ability to access anything on

I had this issue too. I can’t remember - I either cleared my cookies or used a private browser window and that helped reset it.

Hey Kevin - Were you able to get this to work? I was able to connect to your account just fine, but there could be a local issue. If you’re still having a problem let me know and I’ll clear the connection on my end, have you clear your browser cache, and then that should take care of it.

Hi Jon, thanks for the response. Eventually I tried logging into the account on my windows machine at work to try and refresh things. That did the trick and I was able to access the app at home again. The weird thing was it was stuck across four different devices, web or app, on my home network.

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Hi, I made an account just to comment on this thread for anyone who has this issue. It was not working on my phone, main pc, or any other device I used it on that i was already signed into.

The fix as mentioned above was opening a private browsing tab and signing in again from that tab. After doing that everything worked again.

Something about signing in from a “new” device seems to be where the fix lies, I have no idea what the underling issue could be or how my account go there in the first place.

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