Beestat app does not appear in Ecobee portal My Apps

I just signed up for using the beestat web app last week. I like the app’s dashboard and have no problem access my graphs etc. The problem I have is that I never went through the app approval process the way I thought. I did not get a 4 digit pin to authorize beestat. Beestat is accessing my data okay, but when I go to the Ecobee web portal and the my account’s My Apps section, the beestat app is not displayed with my other apps. After a long discussion with Ecobee support their only help was that beestat was NOT an official 3rd party app. ?? What do I have to do to get beestat to show in My Apps in the Ecobee portal? I want control over who was been granted access to my Ecobee data.

So for me, it does show up in the ecobee My Apps section but it didn’t use a pin, just the oauth login validation

This is what it says under beestat

You have added the following application that can access your ecobee


Developed by Ziebell

This application requires the following permissions:

  • View data and settings on your ecobee thermostat(s)

There is no pin to use beestat

If you want to de-activate it, change your password or read the privacy policy to know how to have all your data deleted. Ever try searching?

What kind of stupidity is this? And you posted it twice in two different forums. How about you try reading this: or this from the FAQ:

“Does beestat sell my data?
No. Beestat is a passion project and I have no interest in violating the trust of my users by selling their data. For further reading, check out the privacy policy” (linked above)

How freaking paranoid are you exactly?

Hi @Buffo!

Beestat uses OAuth to connect to your ecobee account. This is a standard and secure method of sharing limited access to an account with a third party. When you authorize, you should see beestat in the “My Apps” section of the ecobee website:

If it’s not showing up there then I don’t really know what to tell you except that it would be an issue on ecobee’s end. I can understand the desire to have confidence in this list so that you know exactly who has access. To my knowledge, every third party app you use should be showing up here.

I’ll reach out to ecobee and see if they have any comments.