Beestat capabilities

I am new to Ecobee but am a long time interested HVAC user. Is there any capability to use external data systems with Beestat? I have a number of temperature and humidity sensors throughout the house (1600 sf bungalow with basement, built R2000 in 2010 near Peterborough ON). These are mostly cheap sensors using esp8266 devices with Tasmota firmware. They feed into a simple OpenHAB system but I see a lot of interesting capability with the Beestat. Looks like a great project!
Thanks Mike

Unfortunately not. Beestat just syncs with ecobee data. I’ve looked at possibly doing some other integrations at some point but haven’t really gotten into it.

You could self-host and do custom stuff that way, but natively adding third party sensors etc isn’t likely to happen any time soon.