Beestat data incomplete starting 4/1

For the last day and a half i’m getting strange beestat results.

Given there’s data in the sensor detail, suggests tstat is communicating with ecobee. Homeiq does show data too. Is this a beestat or ecobee issue? Or both?

Looking at homeiq raw data, appears outdoor temp and wind speed is blank starting 4/1 @ 0625 hours. Suggestions?


I am having the exact same issue. Checked my ecobee homeIQ and show a complete indoor temp graph line, but noticed the outdoor temp graph line is broken in almost the same time as beestat. I see the same in your screenshots as well.

Same here…it looks like a problem on Ecobee’s side. I have some of my own API integrations with Ecobee that are coming back with really stale weather data.

I reached out to ecobee support, and they are aware of the issue. They said that they’ve had multiple reports of the same issue since April 1st. They told me that they are working on a fix, but didn’t give any timeline.

The issue with beestat here is that the entire row of data is thrown away if the weather data is not included. This seems a bit extreme, but it’s a concession I made a while back to make make aggregate calculations way simpler.

At this point I don’t have plans to change that, as the simplification I made saved hours upon hours of effort and debugging. Good news is that outdoor weather data is pretty important to ecobee and there are rarely issues with it. :slight_smile:

My issue ended up being with an override of the default weather provider by Ecobee…once they changed me back, my weather data resumed and Beestat recovered.

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