Beestat has gaps in graphs but Ecobee does not

Is there something going on on Beestat side or Ecobee serving up data? Most days I now see gaps in the Beestat graphs but the Ecobee graphs are contiguous.

If you can PM me your thermostat serial (I’m sure I have it somewhere), and an export of your ecobee data I can take a look. There’s probably a reason but I need to see the data to identify what’s up.

Will do. An example from this AM - Ecobee fine, Beestat trend graph missing a chunk of data but beestat sensor graphs do not have missing data during the same time period.

I’ve noticed this too this week - this morning there was a gap from 7:30 to 9:30 when I first logged in, but then after navigating around Beestat, the data was sync’d. There was no indication that it was loading anything.

In the past the Thermostat Detail graph would be blurred out and in the background would update itself and then display. Seems like now, it displays quicker, but without the latest sync.

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I was getting errors from users who had just signed up and had virtually no data on their thermostat so I changed some things to fix it. I believe that change caused the issue you’re seeing.

Created issue for it: