Beestat is not updating thermostat data since 6/15 @ 5:30pm (Eastern)

This is happening because ecobee stopped reporting weather data last night. Beestat requires a certain minimum set of data points in order for a set of data to be considered accurate. If any one of those points are missing it throws away the data as inaccurate. There are some technical reasons for this which I can go into if you are interested.

But basically outdoor temperature is one of those required data points. Since ecobee stopped providing it, beestat is assuming recent data is bad and is not syncing it. Good news is that as soon as ecobee fixes the issue beestat will start working automatically. If ecobee also happens to restore the missing data then beestat will capture that as well.

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Screenshot of how the API results look when the data goes missing:

If they do not populate those data points, I assume we will loose tracking for all of the other ones you have collected as far as daily usage tracking?

BTW, brilliant application. Thank you again for the time spent developing and maintaining it.

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Correct; if ecobee does not populate the historical outdoor temperature data then all of the runtime detail for the affected time range will be lost from beestat.

Technically all of the other data (indoor temperature, humidity, etc) is available, but I made some technical concessions that greatly simplify my ability to store daily runtime summaries for all time. Those concessions require outdoor temperature to be populated so situations like this have negative consequences.

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This should be fixed as of 3:30pm Eastern. I’m not certain the fate of the missing 22 hours of data. If ecobee restores the missing weather data then I can retroactively fetch it, but it’s most likely gone forever.