Beestat not updating

The beestat app is showing the same info for about 2 weeks. The ecobee web site and android app both show correct info…the history there is erratic but, the current temp, humidity, and running equipment is correct.

Hey Jerry! Could you PM me your thermostat serial number. I’ll take a look.

Did you get my message with the Serial Number?

Yes, sorry! I’ve flipped some debugging on for your account and I’m taking a look.

Thanks. I don’t want to sound impatient, I’m not. I just wasn’t sure if you got the info since I’m new to this platform. And I realize Beestat isn’t your full-time job;)

Ok, figured this one out. It’s not updating because ecobee is not granting beestat access to your data. It’s supposed to kick you out of beestat and make you re-authorize when that happens but I guess that’s not working. :slight_smile:

I’ve completely logged you out of beestat; could you try to reconnect?

Yep, that did it. Thanks.

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