Comparison Metric for OFF time

I’d be interested in seeing some kind of metric on the Compare page for the amount of time my system is in the OFF state. I’m not sure exactly what number would make the most sense but I am thinking something like Hours per Year.

Interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about this. What would you be looking to learn from this? My initial thought was that it’s basically the inverse of “Runtime Per Degree Day”, but for an on/off time I don’t know that I would normalize it against outdoor temperature.

Curiosity more than anything really. I wasn’t thinking it would be normalized to outdoor temperature, more just looking to see how much total off time my system had and how that compares with others.

You’ve got me thinking now though – Another idea would be to figure out how much runtime is saved by being in the off state. For example say I normally have heat set to 65. Now let’s say it is a cold morning (62 inside) but I left the system off because I know it will warm up today. If it normally takes 30 minutes to heat by 3 degrees then that is 30 minutes of saved runtime. That’s definitely beyond my original thought but it would be neat. Probably would be tricky to calculate theoretical runtimes, especially around schedule boundaries.

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