Comparison Settings Issue with multiple Thermostats

I have multiple ecobee thermostats for various properties I manage and the Comparison Settings says 'Unknown Thermostat (6 thermostats).
Not sure if the results I do see are accurate OR which thermostat location data it is calculating for. I have no problem switching among the various registered thermostats on the Dashboard screens and seeing site specific information, but, the Comparison Settings screen seems to only provide data for one location (unknown location). When I switch thermostat location and see different data on the Dashboard page and then switch to the Comparison I still only see results for the same location.
In summary, the Comparison Settings seems to default to one thermostat only when there are multiple thermostats registered within the same account

At present the comparisons all group your thermostats by physical address. So whatever thermostat you have open at the time will be the address it uses on the comparisons page. If you’re sure you have your address configured correctly in ecobee shoot me a PM with your serial number and I can take a look and see what the address ecobee is reporting to beestat is.

In a future update I’m planning on making the comparisons page be per-thermostat instead of per-address. The idea was just that you would want to see comparisons for your entire home instead of just one zone but there are many reasons why that isn’t always ideal.

Comparisons are now per thermostat instead of per thermostat group.

Hi Jon
Found Beestat a few weeks ago and am loving it - your analysis of my system has given me several valuable insights which will improve its efficiency and push me towards net zero (although I’ll probably never get there because I’m in Alaska!).
This said, I find the Compare page rather confusing. I have a house built in two halves, each with its own gas furnace and ecobee smart thermostat. The first half is older and less well insulated than the second half. When I setup each of my Ecobees years ago it appeared that, when Ecobee asked for the characteristics of “My Home”, what it really wanted were the characteristics of that part of my house heated by each furnace/thermostat. Now that I’ve started to use Beestat, it appears that Beestat learns about my whole home from the characteristics Ecobee has for just one of my two thermostats. i.e. half the house. To accommodate this, I changed my inputs in Ecobee so that the characteristics of “My Home” were the same for both thermostats, i.e. the characteristics of the whole home. This resulted in Beestat knowing how big my home was. But, you have now announced that Beestat’s performance comparisons are now done at the thermostat level, not the home level. How can this be the case when Beestat only seems to knows about the characteristics of the whole home and not just that part of the home heated by one furnace/thermostat pair? I think you could perhaps fix this by acquiring Home characteristics from Ecobee for each thermostat. Is this something you are aware of and is there anything I can do to help you fix this issue.
Many thanks