Comparisons Tab Broken

Hi Jon,
I’m having some trouble with the Comparisons tab. Neither the old Heat Score, Cool Score, Resist Score nor the new Metrics section are loading for me. When I switch to the Comparisons tab, I see “Calculating…” for about a minute, followed by the below error message.

  "success": false,
  "data": {
    "error_message": "Maximum execution time of 5 seconds exceeded",
    "error_code": 1

Interestingly, both the old and new Temperature Profiles graphs seem to be fine. Not sure what’s up with this one!

Will take a look; thanks for the report!

Thanks so much Jon. Hope you’re keeping safe and well in this time.

I’ve been having this same problem as well.
When I tried to load it today, I got this error.

API call failed: Division by zero
“success”: false,
“data”: {
“error_message”: “Division by zero”,
“error_code”: 2

Now getting the exact same error as Geoffrey, too

Hi, I’m new to beestat and fairly new to ecobee. I recently purchased and installed 2 stats (a month ago tomorrow), and am loving them. I am not receiving the error message, but my comparison page doesn’t load, just says “calculating scores” indefinitely. Not sure if this is the same bug, or if I’m just being impatient. Today is my 3rd day since signing up with beestat.


@emugga, @Shaun_R, or @gharden91: If any of you are still having an issue with comparisons please let me know and PM me your thermostat serial number. I patched a bug last week that would cause issues with the comparisons and profiles.

Thanks Jon, I’ve PM’d you as I’m still getting this ÷ by 0 error

This is now fixed. It was a perfect storm:

Both of you have your comparisons set to global / all, which gives you a pretty large data set to begin with. On top of that you are both Patrons and have early access to the new metrics. All that combined took too long and timed out on the server. I increased the time limit and all is good. This page will get a bit more streamlined once I actually finish the metric stuff.

Happy to confirm the issue is resolved for me, thank you!

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