Cool profile not showing

Hi, I’ve been in cooling mode for over a month and I haven’t set seen the cool profile displayed?

Is this normal? Heat profile has been displayed since I started using Beestat last year.

What can I look for or reset to get the cool profile to display?

If you share your thermostat serial number here or via email ( I can take a look. There are a couple reasons why and usually it’s pretty obvious to me.

I continued to play around and I got the cool profile to appear. The method I used was on the “settings” menu to force beestat to use a “custom start date”. When I did that, the cool profile appeared. Then I removed the custom start date and everything was working normally.

Here is my serial number. 531657926318

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I had the same issue with one thermostat. The Start Date trick solved it for me as well. Thanks!