Custom ranges does not work for Sensor Detail date selection

It seems like Custom Ranges doesn’t work even with recent dates. I originally thought it was old dates (hence the screen shot), but I tired with Aug 13-14, and it is saying the same thing.

I can confirm this is currently broken. Will get it fixed as soon as I can. Thanks for the report!

While you are in there, any chance of adding a relative date navigation or something similar?

We currently have previous 1, 3, 7, and custom.

I am envisioning that if you are in the 3 day view for example, a navigation selection that would let you slide the graph 3 days forward or back as applicable.

I know this is a weird use case, but I use my occupancy sensor data for my home office to determine how many hours i need to account for in my work time-sheet :slight_smile: I am always using the custom ranges to move back to the previous week. A slider would make it easier to move forward/back in the date ranges.



Hah, this is great. Yeah I can probably add that somewhere. I’ll make a note. I have a lot of small things I want to do after the new stuff is done so maybe I can bundle it with that.

Until I’m able to send a fix live, you can make the custom range work by setting it, clicking save, then refreshing the page.

This is fixed now. Enjoy!

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