Do my stats look ok?

We have a new home built last spring. 2400 sqft. with gas heat and AC. 1 HVAC system with Honeywell zone controls and ecobee’s on each floor with remote sensors for bedrooms and living areas. Nashville TN area.

We had some issues with balanced air flow especially with the 2nd floor being much colder in summer and hotter in winter. HVAC contractor came out last month and rebalanced all the supplies, added a bypass zone on the unit itself and installed an additional return on the 1st floor. Now we have three returns on 1st floor and one return on the 2nd floor. We added a large ceiling fan to the two story living room that opens to the loft and hallways on the second floor. The house feels much more balanced now between floors.

So after all this do my charts indicate a system that is running well? BTW not sure why there is no slope for heat on the 2nd floor.

One thing to keep in mind is that it takes a minute for all of the new data to start making a difference on these charts. Beestat is averaging the past year of data together to generate them. One thing you can do to help after significant changes is to change your “profile start date” on the main beestat settings page. This will keep your historical data but force the profiles to only use more recent data.

Of course, there will be less data and so it may still take a month or two to settle.

As far as the heating line for the second story: There likely isn’t enough data to generate one. The second story zone is going to call for heat far less often, and with less calls to heat there is less data, and with less data beestat may not be able to build a good enough profile.