Donations via PayPal

I would like to donate via PayPal. After reading about Patreon, I have pretty much zero interest in using Patreon.

Hey Dean! Appreciate your willingness to support the project. Would love to see what you’ve read about Patreon. There are pros and cons to the service and I’m always interested in learning more about where my (and your) money goes to.

Here’s a PayPal link:


I have never used Patreon, so my observations are “from a distance,” as it were. I think it started out fine. However, there are two trends that I really don’t like:

  1. The attempt to add a “tax” on donations (eg, $0.38 on a $1.00 donation), in addition to the fees charged the recipient. I understand that venture capitalists want a good return on their investment, but this is the wrong approach, & Patreon backed off after numerous complaints. Nevertheless, I’m wary of the future.

  2. The silencing of some authors based on non-politically-correct views. It’s not like they are Twitter, where every author can have a huge audience. Rather, in my opinion, it’s more of a “cancel culture” type of action.

So, Patreon gets NONE of my money, if I can possibly help it. And I can, in this case.

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