Eco+ dm offset - no values

I received and enabled the firmware for my ecobee3 thermostats last week. I enabled the eco+ features that came with the firmware update. I was waiting for the thermostats to adjust the temp based on feels like which should adjust for high humidity in my home. But, no such luck. I checked my logs and the dm offset is blank. I would assume there should be a value.


I’m not sure what you need here, sorry. Is there something you are expecting to see in beestat regarding the DM Offset that’s not there?

Based on the new eco+ functionality, the DM offset changes based on feels like temperature deltas as I understand. My DM offset data is blank. I am not seeing that anything is happening for the feels like functionality. My indoor humidity will skyrocket to over 65%. I would expect the feels like calculations would increase temperature at causing the AC to kick on. But, that is not happening.

Am I correct in how this should work?