Ecobee API & Beestat

With Ecobee no longer allowing new developer registrations/no new API keys, I’m curious how you are calling their APIs.

The fact they are limiting access to my product irks me as I want to integrate this into home assistant.

I can think of a couple of ways around that off the top of my head, may not work.

  • web scraping their site after login
  • record network requests from an Amazon device to my ecobee

Ecobee no longer allows new signups, but existing API users are unaffected. Beestat is still grandfathered in.

Beestat has it’s own API that you can use that would give you similar read access to your data though.

Yes and that’s unfortunate that they turned the API off for new devs. Maybe it was getting too costly who knows.

There could have been local alternatives that would have alleviated that.

While it’s great that beestat has a very functional read API, I want both read and write.

What I’ll do for now is just register it with the HomeKit bridge in HomeAssitant and control it that way