Ecobee App Authorization via beestat

Longtime user who recently enabled 2FA. I understand this breaks the ability to authorize the app so I disabled 2FA, but am still unable to authorize beestat. I changed my password, am able to login to the Ecobee app and via the web, but Ecobee authorization fails and says I have the wrong password when trying to authorize via beestat.

Anyone experienced this or have a fix?

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The two issues I am aware of with authorization today (both ecobee issues) are:

  1. If 2FA is enabled, the authorization does not work. Fix: Disable 2FA.
  2. If you are logged into your ecobee account in the same browser you are authorizing beestat with, the authorization does not work. Fix: Log out of or try a different browser.

Does the second option fix your issue?

Is there a plan (or even the capacity) for beestat to work with 2FA enabled? You can’t view live video via the camera without 2FA.

It’s unfortunately not up to me; this is a bug with the ecobee authorization workflow. If you enable 2FA other integrations like google or IFTTT will exhibit the same behavior.

I know ecobee is working on this, so hopefully in the coming months we’ll see a resolution.

Tried both and neither worked. When I removed 2FA I also removed authorization for the app from My Apps in the portal. Thinking this might be the issue. I also contacted ecobee support and so far they haven’t been able to solve the issue either.

When I was already logged into, I did get a prompt to authorize the app without having to login, but when I clicked authorize, it had no effect i.e can’t access data via beestat nor does beestat appear as an authorized app in my apps.

Unfortunately I’m out of ideas. :frowning: It’s up to ecobee to process the login and send you back to me. If that step is failing then nothing I change can fix it. Have you tried on a completely different device? Disable 2FA, then use some other phone or computer to try and connect. I wish I could do more; this has always been a bit of a pain point. When it works it’s great, but when it doesn’t work it’s really annoying. You could also try connecting to Google or IFTTT if you use any of those services. They use the exact same workflow and should have the same problem as beestat.

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