"Ecobee seems to be down" for a week now - unable to find a solution

My beestat homepage has said “Ecobee seems to be down…” at the bottom for going on a week now. I’ve tried logging out of both beestat/ecobee, repairing beestat, etc without any luck. I’m able to login to Ecobee’s website and see stats/control my t-stat without any issue. But it seems like they’re not talking right now and I don’t know what my next step should be. Any thoughts? Thanks guys!

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I’m having the same issue, but it’s only been happening for a day or so for me.

The issue has now been resolved for me. :+1:

I had someone else with the same issue. I didn’t get a chance to thoroughly investigate before it fixed itself.

The issue seems to be that the ecobee API is not sending me data, or the data they are sending is incomplete. If you want to PM me your serial number I can take a closer look.

The “ecobee down” error message comes up if your data is behind by too long as it assumes no recent data = ecobee broken. It’s a bit misleading in this case, though.