Edit: The name of the thermostat must sort before the names of sensors!

After adding a new sensor, the Sensor graph shows the history prior to the addition, but moving the cursor over to the prior history does not display the actual value in the little pop-up window that follows the cursor…

Obviously, this problem will disappear once I have seven days with the new sensor.

I just bought two sensors, & one is still in the box. I suspect when I add that, this problem will reappear for a week.

Edit #1: I decided I did not want to face this problem when I activated the 2nd sensor later, so I activated it six hours after activating the 1st one. I did not experience a new problem with beestat’s Sensor graph upon doing so. The only part of the graph where this continues to be a problem, is prior to the activation of the 1st sensor.

Edit #2: OK, the problem came back when I renamed the 2nd sensor !!! The problem occurs if there is any sensor that does not have data, & the name of the sensor sorts alphabetically before the name of the thermostat.

Putting "A "or "An " in front of the thermostat name (assuming there are no sensors that begin with “A”) “fixes” (works around) the problem !!! A leading space does not work, because ecobee strips it from the name.

Leading numerals also work, & have the advantage that you can (sort of) control which sensor gets which color.

I don’t suppose you have any screenshots? I’m having a hard time following where the issue is. Are you saying that data stops showing up for sensors that already exist when adding a new sensor?

The graph is correct. It’s when I position the vertical cursor to the left of when a sensor was added, that the little info box that follows the vertical cursor, does not display the data for sensors that are on that portion of the graph. The data that is listed is in the box is at the point of the added cursor. Moving the cursor to the left of that point, does not change the data displayed in the box.

All this only happens if the name of the added sensor sorts before the name of the thermostat.

It’s like when you generate the list of sensors in the box (which are in alphabetical order), that when you show the data for each sensor, you need some piece of data from the thermostat info, but you don’t have that data because you haven’t gotten to the thermostat yet in your processing. Having the thermostat listed first fixes that problem.

I’m adding two more sensors soon (when they arrive, today or tomorrow), & can recreate the problem then if needed.

OK, as I predicted, as soon as a new sensor (with a name that sorts before the name of the thermostat) appears on the sensor graph (about an hour after adding the sensor to the ecobee app), the little box that follows the vertical cursor, displays the same values for all the sensors for the past week. Those values are for the first instance in time of data appearing for the newly added sensor.

Renaming the new sensor to sort after the name of the thermostat, instantly fixes the problem.