Enabling "eco+ Feels Like" without impacting temperature graphs/profiles?

Is it possible to make use of the “eco+ Feels Like” feature to adjust reported temperature based on humidity, without this impacting the way beestat records temperature graphs, profiles, etc?

I originally turned eco+ Feels Like off due to wanting accurate statistics in beestat. Recently, cold weather with low indoor humidity (29%) making it feels fairly warm has me considering if using the feels like feature could result in a more consistent, comfortable feeling temperature.

Looking through the code, it seems like zoneAveTemp is used when fetching historical data. ecobee API documentation states this is the “recorded average temperature”, not specifying if it includes humidity adjustments or not.

I noticed elsewhere the ecobee API explicitly provides an actualTemperature (adjusted) value versus a rawTemperature (without eco+ feels like) value, but I’m not yet sure where this applies - it seems to only be the thermostat current state, not historical.

rawTemperature: The dry-bulb temperature recorded by the thermostat. When Energy.FeelsLikeMode is set to humidex, Runtime.actualTemperature will report a “feels like” temperature.

I’m guessing it’s not possible to separate the temperature used for determining if setpoint is reached (with Feels Like) from the temperature used for graphs/statistics (without Feels Like), but I’d be happy to told I’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

(I also don’t know if I’d be happy with the Feels Like results. I haven’t tried it yet.)

I’m not sure this is possible. As you found in the docs, the runtime API call returns a single indoor temperature value which matches what displays on the face of the thermostat - the current average temperature between all participating sensors.

Based on the documentation of the rawTemperature field, it looks like changing your ecobee to “feels like” mode will change actualTemperature (and probably zoneAveTemp) to that “feels like” temperature as well. This will affect the data beestat gets.

Probably the only way to do this would be to keep your ecobee in “actual” mode, then add something to beestat to calculate a “feels like” temperature and display that.

That makes sense to me - it’d be up to ecobee to change their API to be able to use the native “Feels like” feature. I imagine I could build some sort of automation using the API to adjust setpoints according to humidity, but unless very low/humidity conditions happen often, I’m not sure I’m that motivated.

Thank you for looking into this!

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