Energy usage data from Emporia Energy circuit-level monitors

Hi @ziebelje !

I have an emporia energy monitor which reports the amps/watts used by each circuit in my house, including my furnace/fan/blower and variable speed Bosch IDS 2.0 ASHP.

Here’s an example showing my heat pump ramp up and down its energy draw throughout the day (it’s a dual circuit and this is only half the usage):

Wouldn’t it be neat if beestat could know exactly what electrical energy is going into the HVAC and help answer questions like how to optimize night time setback temps?

Emporia allows extraction of the data so you could easily pull it on a schedule.

There is probably a decent overlapping user base between ecobee and Emporia given the integration with ecobee to allow HVAC optimizations for Time of Use (TOU) energy differentials: Emporia Energy Management Features for Thermostats

Great idea…and better yet if it is a general method not limited to one system. I used a system based (loosely) on Open Energy Monitor which sends data to an OpenHAB system using MQTT. I also send lots of temperature and humidity data to OpenHAB including delta-T data from the air handler (ASHP system). This is all very useful and interesting data but perhaps a bit of a daunting project…

Energy usage in general is one of the current largest feature requests. Things like energy prices and integrations with other systems like Emporia or Sense would be really cool. At the moment I’ve been focusing on ecobee-only data, but would like to be able to add some other integrations at some point.