Exclude time period from analysis

Our furnace was not functioning for about a week while we were on vacation, so our Ecobee thought it was running constantly, but in fact it was not. Now my beestat analysis is all messed up at the same time I’d like to be using it to figure out the replacement for my furnace.

Would it be possible to exclude time ranges when the data is not useful, or be a bit more sensitive to when equipment is reported to be on, but the temperature is not actually changing as expected.


Hi Jonathan. It would probably make sense to exclude data from profiles where the indoor temperature doesn’t do what is expected based on the running equipment. Thinking out loud: This would affect heat pump users when the outdoor temperature goes below the balance point, but there should be enough other data to still build that trend.

In the meantime, if you would like me to manually delete that time period from your beestat data I can do that. Just send the thermostat serial number and date range to contact@beestat.io.