Explanation of fan speeds

Can you explain what the readings are under compressor 1, aux heat, and fan. Are the numbers the fan speeds in CFM. What range is normal for these numbers? My speeds are between 45-300.

Is there a way for users with similar heat pumps to post and share their data for comparison?

Beestat doesn’t show anything related to fan speed. Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’re looking at? My best guess would be runtimes, but I could explain better if I knew which part of beestat you’re referencing. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot. What is the number under fan and compressor? Is that CFM of air or something else?

Ah, the data export. Ecobee stores thermostat history in 5 minute blocks. So these numbers represent durations between 0 and 300 seconds. For example, if the number is 300, then your fan/compressor/whatever ran for 300 seconds of that 5 minute time period (all of it). If the number is 75, it ran for 75 seconds of that 5 minute period.

Hope that helps!

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