Filter or System Issue Detection

I ran into an interesting data point that I would like to see if Beestat could solve. I also would love to expose this to Home Assistant but I wanted to start here.

I have discovered massive impact to my furnace filter being dirty. Go figure. Now I do have a regular reminder to replace it got me thinking.

I was finding 4 hours to heat just two degrees C. This was with a 3 month old filter. After replacing with roughly same outdoor temp this changed to 1 hour.

So these Temperature Profiles charts for efficiency must be impacted by this. I would like you could track this data in some fashion over time and alert on it. A tipping point should exist.

I would like to see it baseline the system for the “best” Temperature Profiles. Any deviation from that could be displayed based on say the last weeks trend. This could be represented as a percentage from optimal.

It would also detect this being caused by other items such as mechanical issues.


Appreciate the feedback! The good news is that the temperature profiles are tracked over time. I store a new one every single week for all users. Bad news is that the data isn’t readily accessible in the app just yet, so it’s tricky to actually access that info.

I do like the idea of using the data to look for issues, though. You’re right that those trends could generally be used to identify potential problems.