Flair/ecobee integration

The sensor reporting is fabulous in beestat. I would like to be able to show the flair automated vent status alongside the ecobee sensor status.

Is there anyway to have beestat pull in the flair vent status and keep/maintain history and graphs as well?

This is halfway possible. It wouldn’t be terribly bad to build something that lets you connect your Flair account to see the current vent status.

History is another thing entirely and is not feasible at this time. Maintaining vent history would require constantly polling the Flair API for vent status which would get excessive very quickly. It’s not so bad with ecobee because they store the history and expose a way to get that data in bulk.

Make sure to hit that vote button up top. I wish I had more time but I have to pick what gets added based on what people want to see. Thanks for the suggestion!