Heat2 not showing in Temperature Profiles

Hi All,
I’ve been using ecobee for 27 weeks and beestat a week and a half and find the depth of data amazing. Obviously I’m still finding my way around. I’ve run into a wall and can’t get over it.

Heat1, Cool1and Cool2 temp slopes post as they should, but Heat2 doesn’t.
The Temperature Summary graph also posts as expected with 8 weeks of Heat 1&2 captured.

All setups appear to be correct under My Home; air to air 2stage heat pump with electric aux heat.

Under Metrics, the Balance Point shows Resist data, which has been very stable. However no data is present for Heat 1 or Heat 2.

What/Where have I gone wrong?
Any/All help appreciated!

If Heat 2 doesn’t show up in the profiles it’s most likely because there’s not enough data to generate an accurate profile yet. This can happen for a few reasons, but I would need a bit more information. How long are your second stage heat runs? Does it come on for 5 minutes at a time? 10 minutes at a time?

Thanks for the prompt response Jon. The 2nd stage heat appears to run the most during Smart Recovery where it can run 10-15 min up to 30-40 min depending on outside temperatures. Once the morning chill is out of the house, it unusual for the heat 2 to run.
We have our first taste of winter coming into southeast Texas next week with lows in the low 20’s. Let’s see if heat 2 doesn’t populate the Temperature Profiles and Balance Point Card with the 1/19/2024 updates.

Heat 2 has populated and appears to be very stable with a balance point of 21* F.

However Heat 1 remains out of wack. The balance point for Heat 1 is displayed as -792* F.

Is this identical to the Dec 2020 post “Isn’t the slope of the heat graph wrong?
I have gone ahead an sent you my ecobe ID.

Could you go through the common issues here?

Do any of those apply to you? Your heating data looks pretty noisy, so I wouldn’t trust the trendlines very much just yet. Also, you can find your thermostat serial number in beestat here. The one you sent me wasn’t the correct value.


Proper ecobee serial # sent last night.

Have been through your write-up on common problems and find the following to cover all bases.

Compressor run time was set sometime ago to a minimum run time of 10 min.
This is a non zoned system.
There are no overnight profile changes.
There are no other heat sources.

Solar-gain. Being in SE Texas solar gain is a fact of life year round. There are 2 bedrooms that receive Morning Sun and a bedroom and living room that receive Afternoon Sun. During summer this equates to 2 - 4* F gain for the affected rooms during the morning or afternoon periods. This has been compensated for by register adjustments. The winter exposure has somewhat less gain with no need to readjust registers.

I got a new heat pump and gas furnace installed a few months ago, and have been waiting to get enough data for the profiles to update.

The system is a two stage heat pump, with two stage gas furnace (aux). I’ve got profiles for aux 1 and aux 2, but nothing for heat 1 or heat 2. Our electric costs are quite high compared to gas therms so the majority of the runtime is on aux thus far. I’ve never seen an example of a beestat temp profile graph with all four heat/heat2/aux/aux2. Will this eventually show up (and cool/cool2)?

Yes, as beestat collects data those things should show up. Note that it depends entirely on runtime. If you haven’t run non-aux heat yet then those won’t generate yet.