Heating Setpoint Question

Good morning! The beestat app has been a huge insight into how my home system works. Hopefully you all will have some insight into what’s happening. I have a single stage heat pump, which usually heats fine down to around 15-20 deg. outdoors. Over the last few nights, the setpoint is never reached, causing the heat pump to run continuously.

See the screen shot of one of the last nights where the heat pump will not reach the setpoint. It seems that it heats up until the “trigger point” of 66 degrees (67 degree setpoint with 1 degree differential temp.) The temp dips back down, and the cycle repeats. Do you all have any insights? It’s set to manual staging, I can provide those setpoints if it helps clarify.


Could you take a screenshot of the entire chart, including the top section with the runtime bars. Sorry the “Download chart” button doesn’t include those by default. It would help to see that additional detail.