Help me understand my temperature profile

I have had my ecobee for most of one cooling season, and only in the last few weeks have I had any heat use (Chicago suburbs). I have a 2 stage heat and cool geothermal heat pump, plus electric resistance auxillary heat (that I hope to rarely use).

Despite little data, the heat profile looks as I’d expect, but what’s up with the cooling? The slope is going the wrong way and the raw data is all over the place.


Wow that’s really bad and heavily implies that your cooling effectiveness just tanks above 80°F. Did you have any weird situations (windows open a lot) or problems with your ecobee or sensors over the summer?

No, actually I’ve been thrilled with this system’s cooling, even on the hottest days so far. No open windows while the system was running and don’t know of any sensor or t-stat problems. Then again, it replaced an AC unit that was nearly 30(!) years old so maybe I had some unknown problems and it was still an improvement?

Actually, (duh!) we DID have an issue with our ground loops that was fixed towards the end of cooling season. I guess I never connected the dots because the house was always comfortable and my cooling bills were (what I thought to be) pretty low. Makes me hopeful that next summer will be even better. Thanks, and my bad!

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Fixing problems or getting a new unit could certainly skew certain temperature ranges like that. It’s actually interesting to see and makes me want to build something to better detect changes in efficiency over time rather than having to rely on the profile.