Help understanding my data w/ very few comparison properties

I’ve read a bunch of these posts, and the help files but I’d like an expert opinion to make sure I’m reading it correctly
Metrics say only 32 homes to compare to – seem too low since I’m in the Boulder/Denver area. I’d think there would be a thousand similar homes within a 50 mile radius. There are easily more than 32 homes with an ecobee just within a 4 mile radius that fits my house specs.

so not sure if my metrics are good for my area even though the page lists ‘better than most’ … with only 32 homes.

I have my place listed as 3 Floors since it has a finished/conditioned basement.

Thoughts? thx for the help!

The key thing here is that they must also use beestat. Unfortunately I don’t have access to every single ecobee thermostat.

The thing about comparisons is that “good” is subjective. I always like to use setpoint as an example. Let’s say you have a health condition and need your home cooled to 68°F all the time. That’s bad for runtime, but good for health.

That said…it seems very average or maybe slightly better than. Your cool runtime is slightly lower than average despite your setpoint being a little bit lower than average. I’m sure there are things that can be improved but I don’t see any major red flags here.