High memory usage on Firefox

I’m running Firefox 85.0.2 64-bit and I think it has problems with the main page of Beestat. I guess there’s a (perhaps new) capability for the Detail page to load new data and update the graphs. This works for a while, but if I leave it open too long (maybe half an hour or more) it consumes increasing amounts of memory, until my computer is thrashing and can’t get any work done because it’s spending all its time swapping Firefox’s memory to and from disk.

At its maximum I’ve seen it using more than 15 GB of memory! Obviously that ain’t right.

I’m not positive about the details but this seems to match what I’ve observed. I can leave it on the Analyze or Compare pages much longer without a problem.

Perhaps one of the polled updates fails occasionally, and this causes an infinite loop or something?

While I’m thinking of it, there’s another small UI issue. If you modify either of the charts like turning on/off any of the lines, when it refreshes with new data it will revert to the default set of lines. This is really annoying when I turn off Outdoor Temperature so I can see the indoor temperature in more vertical detail, and within a minute or two the Outdoor Temp is re-enabled and the vertical scale changes back.

Memory leak:

Series changing:

Surprisingly not many people have complained about the memory leak so it hasn’t been very high priority to fix. I know roughly what’s causing it; just takes a minute to get into all the details and fix it.

I’ll see if I can get to these things soon. Thanks for the feedback!

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