How is Balance Point determined if AUX is allowed to run?

Quick question as we get in to colder temperatures. This is my first winter in this house (brand new home build), and so I don’t have any data from last winter.

Originally I configured my AUX to turn on at 35*, and it kicked on this morning for the first time, however I noticed that the heat pump was still heating up the house, so I set it down to 20*.

But that brought up a question, if I were to leave my AUX at 35*, how will Beestat determine what my Balance Point is? Won’t the heat from the AUX mess up Beestat’s ability to say ‘at 30* outdoor temperature, the heat pump will produce 1*/hr’ or something like that?

I’m including screenshots for reference. You can see when the AUX turned on, then I turned it off (set it to 20*). Also you’ll notice on the Temperature Profile there is no ‘current temp’ because the current temp is 31*, and is off the chart, even though I’ve done the Solar Gain regenerate trick. I assume this is due to not enough samples. Not a big deal, it will fill in eventually, just wanted to note.

The balance point is determined by generating a linear trendline on top of the actual data points. Even if you don’t run the regular heat by itself below 35°F, the linear trendline will still allow for determining the balance point because that line extends infinitely in both directions. Having the additional data will help make it more accurate, but it’s not strictly required.

I have a feature request somewhere to extend the lines on this chart to include more temperatures for times when you don’t have complete data yet.