How to find optimal settings

Hi, I really enjoy the app, so thanks!

Is there a way to look at beestat data to determine the most efficient settings for when my particular system should run in stage 1 vs. switch over to stage 2? I’m new to geothermal, and new to ecobee and beestat, so I don’t have a ton of data yet, but so far my stage 1 and stage 2 cooling runtimes seem to be about equal. Maybe I’m wrong, but intuitively I’d expect more efficiency if stage 1 ran more often, but I don’t know how to find the optimum ratio or settings to achieve this.

The guide on finding balance point is awesome- if there were similar guides to find the best settings in other categories (like staging), that would be great as well.



I suppose it could be useful, but I don’t really have any measure of what’s “best”. Does best mean lowest energy usage? Least runtime? Most comfortable? A mix of those and more?

I think the best course of action is to first determine which of these things is most important to you, then tweak how you see fit. Beestat can definitely help you visualize how your system is running so you can adjust until you get things just right.

As far as general suggestions go I don’t have many. I have a two-stage system but have not done much in the way of optimizing things. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Your system should run almost 24/7 on the hottest day of the year if it is sized properly.
  • Your system should not be short cycling (more than 3-4 cycles per hour)
  • You should run stage 1 longer if you want to focus on reducing humidity
  • Stage 1 typically runs at like 70% capacity

I would love to have a nice writeup done here on this community from someone who really gets into this stuff and is willing to try and simplify it down. I personally wish I had more knowledge about properly using staging.

Some of the new metrics (in development) should also be useful here. I can extract lots of interesting variables and display them and how they compare to other similar systems.

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