HVAC sizing chart/alert

Too often HVAC installers do not do the proper calculations to properly size a unit to a residence, causing short cycling, humidity problems, along with other issues with improperly sized equipment. Since current unit run time graph are the best way to determine a wrong sized unit, it would be nice if there could be an alert or graph to show if our HVAC units are over or undersized on beestat. This could help explain issues and save users money and headaches in the long run.

The one thing I’ll say about this is that I will never have any sort of chart or data point that says “Your HVAC unit is 20% too small”. There are simply too many factors for me to accurately know this. For example, say you run a window AC in the evenings in the summer while you sleep. This will reduce the total runtime of your main unit and be undetectable by me. Or in the Winter if you use a fireplace to supplement your heat because your HVAC unit is undersized…same effect.

I am, however, OK with showing you the raw data and letting you make the decision. Today you can see runtime as a percentage of the day on the Runtime Summary chart. I could add something that tells you how often your system cycles or whatever else. You could then use this information to make the decision whether or not your system is undersized.

I have some ideas for a future “system health” dashboard and this would fit really well on it. I’ve made a note to put this on it.

Thanks for the suggestion!