Identify if sensor is participating in comfort setting on detail graph

During some settings I have sensor participation disabled to skew the average towards outliers. For example when sun is hitting front vs back of home, I want it to cool better to account for those higher temps. While I can view the app or sensors section to see if it is actively participating, I’d like to see it logged in the detail graphs over time. Not sure which detail graph it would fit best in, but putting it out there for other thoughts.

Hi Alan!

This is actually not possible to do. Sensor participation is available in the ecobee API for the current time via the “inUse” property, but it does not exist in the historical runtime reports. In order to capture this information, beestat would have to query the ecobee API at an unsustainable rate.

If this info is ever added to the runtime reports it would be possible to add, but not until then unfortunately.

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That’s what I figured based on downloadable data from Ecobee. I didn’t know if it was somehow logged and accessible in the API. Is there a way to make feature requests to Ecobee?

There’s no specific way to make a feature request, but you usually get a response fairly quickly if you send them a Tweet. Whether they do anything with that or not I don’t know.

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