I'm still here! Finally almost done with some large backend changes

First of all, I apologize if you’ve sent me an email or message on here and I haven’t responded. I’ll be getting to all that soon. I was busy at work and home last week with all the COVID-19 panic. I’ve also been working on a database bug that I have been unable to resolve because of how I was logging API calls. Upgrading my logging has been a massive change that affects a lot of core code:


Most of those changes are done and ready to roll into production; so hopefully that will happen tonight.

I also took the opportunity to upgrade my logging server. I’ll share more detail with Patrons next week, but here’s what things are looking like now. I use this dashboard to monitor application health and usage.

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It’s done…and I only had about 30 seconds of downtime. Not bad. Getting back to user bug reports now.

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