Include System Status in Sensor Detail

It would be nice to have the option to include the same details that are in the Thermostat Detail in the Sensor Detail; e.g. System Mode, Heat/Cool/Fan Runtimes, Setpoint.

The hover details already include the Comfort Profile, and the timeline view of the Sensor Detail chart already shows the visual representation of these things, but the hover details don’t, so when looking at Sensor Detail, I find I’m often also having to find the corresponding time of the Thermostat Detail to get more info.

We can already include Indoor/Outdoor Temps in both charts.

It’s nice that we have the overall system chart for Thermostat Detail, and a separate chart for additional details of individual sensor temps/occupancy… But the 2nd-level detail of Sensor Details is missing the 1st-level Details available in the Thermostat Details.

An alternative to repeating the data in the details might be an option to “link”/“sync” the details windows… i.e. if I hover over a time on one chart, automatically present the same time details in the other chart; i.e. whatever time I’m hovering on applies to both charts at the same time.