Ingest Third-Party Temperature/Humidity Sensor Data

Feature Request: Ingest Temperature/Humidity Data from third-parties, e.g. Aqara.

Beestat does a beautiful job with showing the individual sensor data based on Ecobee’s Thermostats and Smart Sensors. There are rooms where we have non-Ecobee Temperature/Humidity sensors because they don’t directly receive heat/AC (e.g. conditioned attic, unfinished spaces in the Basement like Utility Rooms, etc) so we don’t want their temperatures skewing the averages that Ecobee uses to control the HVAC systems, so we don’t have Ecobee Smart Sensors in those spaces. Additionally, the Ecobee Smart Sensors don’t read Humidity.

In our case, we use Aqara sensors to read temperatures in these other spaces, and a few others throughout the house to read humidity. It would be nice to augment the Smart Sensor data with third-party sensor data to further round-out the data.

You may add the Aqara sensors to your HA to read the values, but I do not think Ecobee support it.

I have smart sensors which are just monitoring the temp, but it has no impact on the aggregated temp calculation. So my garage sensor will not trigger the thermostat, but it is good for monitoring. You can set it up in the Ecobee app how to use the sensor.

Thanks for pointing this out. I had considered using Ecobee Smart Sensors in these rooms, but as I mentioned, Ecobee Smart Sensors don’t read Humidity, only Temperature & Occupancy. I’m monitoring Humidity in these other spaces too, hence the need for Aqara over Ecobee.

I got it. As far as I know the Beestat just reading the data from Ecobee, so if you can integrate the the sensor to the Ecobee, then Beestat may read it also, not the other way around. Aqara using Zigbee, but as I know the Ecobee does not support this protocol.
I have Aqara motion sensor and it works fine on the HA along with Ecobee. But it would be another investment to see a lot of data together.

Yes, I’m aware of today’s limitations and this is logged as a Feature Request for consideration as a future enhancement, not a question about what can or cannot be done today. It may be possible in the future, if deemed valuable enough for developers’ time, to ingest additional data sources other than Ecobee. If other people agree, they can vote for the idea to help future consideration… If no one else is interested, the developers can pass over the idea for more important improvements.

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