Invalid Response

I’ve been seeing the below error message for a few days when I start Beestat on my iPhone. Eventually everything loads as expected but it takes maybe 15 seconds or so. So really more of a nuisance than anything else.
Thanks !


API returned invalid response.

Sorry about that! This error has been logged and will be investigated and appropriately punished. Please reach out to if it persists.

200 OK

Hi Frank,

I enabled debugging for your account. It would be helpful if you could let me know if you get this message again. I’ll be able to take a look and see what was causing that error.

Hi Jon,
It seems the issue only happens when I try to refresh Beestat when it’s an existing Tab in Safari on my iPhone. When I open Beestat directly it opens as expected.



I’ve been seeing the same error on my iphone as well. I typically just hit refresh and it goes away so I haven’t paid much attention to it but I think mine started about the same time that Frank’s did.

I believe this issue has been resolved.

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